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Fred thanks for picking up where I left off!!! I was dancing my ass off to much and didn't have a chance to finsh the rest of the setlist. Looks good, only change was instead of here comes the meterman that song was sat night fish fry.show was very energetic, the crowd was moving the entire set and the place was sold out not one spot was left. Ivan came up on africa and played some funky organ, and art came out during robert randolps set and funked the organ up on a song I didn't rcognize.thanks to all, leta hope the meters do record some new tunes. Until then.

: Oh. My.

: As the orange moon sets tonight, my ears are ringing. God bless the Meters.

: Funky Miracle
: > Look Ka Py Py
: Just Kissed My Baby
: Zig chat >
: Cissy Strut
: >Saturday Night Fish Fry
: >Cissy Finish
: >Here Comes The Meter Man
: >Hand Clap Song
: >Fiyo On The Bayou
: People Say
: >George Matters
: >People Say > Jam outro
: Change/Reform
: They All Asked For You
: Funkify Your Life
: Ain't No Use
: e: Zig gives love >
: Africa (substitute: New Or-leans)*
: e2: Hey Pocky Way

: *w/ Ivan briefly
: *Art tips his hat to Geo.

: There's one more day of Jazz Fest left... but stick a fork in me, cause I'm done, baby. This show was NUTS.

: God bless us all, and much love to all.

: I'm gonna go get me some grits and fish drippins...

: Peace.

: freebo



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