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I remember when the Meters broke up and everybody complained about the Funky Meters and put them under a microscope of criticism. How ironic that the same thing is happening to the Meters. It's really sad when people can't be happy for what they got.

And what we got at the Nokia was a musical blessing. The Uptown Rulers Grooved Mid-town.

The Meters are four musical Einsteins, and when they get together these days, it's magic. The best part of it all is that they are enjoying themselves, their history, their brotherhood, and their ability to take their music in new and different dimensions.

Yes Leo is a shredder, but he shreds within the confines and context of the group. He is their guitar player -- what do you want -- strumming rhythms. Art was simply great, smiling and having a good time. Zig and George provided the heartbeat as usual.

For all you "music critics/psuedo fans" who are putting down the band or sitting on the couch on a fri night (when you should have been at the Nokia), you have no idea what you missed.

Here's a heartfelt thanks to everyone who made that night happen.


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