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dear mr damone aka GPjr

thanks for taking the time out to post a review/set list of YOUR show here on the net.not many musical "legends" take the time out themselves to do that for their fans.i didnt realize how very few chances for practice you guys really have had together lately so i am now even MORE impressed by the show i saw/heard at nokia nyc 8/3/06.

you played it so im not even gonna attempt to blow smoke and say it was a flawless gig,but who cares,when it clicked it smoked, which was a whole lot of the time.really thought the WHOLE band got on top of a couple of those improv type groove jams in a very heaavy way.seemed that way again at least FOR ME, i was dancing and moving and thats all that really matters.feets dont fail me now.. whenever i see you guys laughing on stage i figure that if youre having a good time=a good old funky music time for us.
anyway peace man.thanks george.keep on keepin on.
your spirit and music is loved by so many of us,good nites and the occaisionally off nites too. hope all is coming along as best as possible down home.
our best always to you,art,zig and leo and your respective families.please send that along if you dont mind.by the way,think y'all passed the audition.
btr/nyc and the rhino herd.

: I will check out the gig when I get to our next hotel later today
: and put up a set list, we did one but did not stick to it as Zig and I was having fun so we went in some other places, I for one though that we played great for a band that don't play together every week
: and have not played for a few months, but there are some things I to think could go better, but we may get there by the time Art is 80 he will be 70 this year. "smile"

: love you all
: porter, jr.


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