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Love Ya'll Back
I second that emotion ONLY WISH IT WAS LONGER... I have a copy of the original set list and can't wait to compare...when ya;ll are in a groove it can bring me to tears and when ya'll are havin a good time with the music and each other the joy is infectious..the bumps in the road and twists and turns are what make the journey interesting otherwise stay home and listen to the record??
I mean heck the people wanted to hear Ain't no Use... Thanks Zig ;0
... thanks Leo for making me a guest star..it is still unreal to me. Thanks Big Chief RT always for da kiss and smile and GPjr "I am not worthy" You can play most anything anywhere and I'll hang on every note...but you know that already :) I see live music every week in many genres and there is definitely a reason why some artists earn the title legend...Music is such a personal thing I am not a fan just cause of who you are but because you never fail to entertain me rock me and leave me with a smile on my face and a song in my heart if that ain't happening for somebody at a Meters show they simply need to find themselves a band that does:)or stay home and listen to the record....
until the next time
Peace Denise


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