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Groovy Lady
Hey Pocky A-Way
Africa > (jam)
Leo intro next song as the one that started all this mess
Wrong song Leo it was Sophisticated Cissy.
Fire On The Bayou
Art address crowe and is pissed the Organ is not working
People Say > (jam)
Zig address crowe and intro band
It Ain't No Use > (jam)

Cissy Strut (we were told to make it short)

My thoughts:
Things happen today that would have sideline some band,
Art and Leo both had instruments that let them down, and
they worked around it.

I also just lesson to this set on my flight home and there was
Great playing and singing and the jamming was very nice as well.

There are bands that rehearse for weeks before coming out to
play and donít play as good as this band, that has not played a
gig as a band sense May 6 CAC, lord help us if we had some time to work on the things that some may want to see.

My thanks goes out to those people that are there for us without a dout, our Wife: Kathy Webster Modeliste, Terry Poret Nocentelli, Lorraine Neville and Aralean Porter, our Menagement: Kent Sorrell @ Elevation Group, Inc. and Zigís Menagement: Kathy Webster, also our Crew: Kenneth Nestor, Monitor Eng. / Production Mang., Jeffery Gex FOH Eng. and Miguel A. Barrosse Guitar Tech/Stage Mang. and My Friends Art Neville, Joseph "Zig" Modeliste, Leo Nocentelli, and all of You that come to see Us play and take the time to come here after and write about it, the good and the bad.

Porter, jr.

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