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: ...and I froze up like a tool.

: It was a great show! I was really surprised to hear them play It Ain't No Use to close it. Man, these guys can play! I could barely even follow along with Zigaboo's beats! Leo had some rippin' solos! I'm not very good at writing reviews, especially with a hangover, but I had a great time, The Meters rule, the Neville Brothers and Brass Monkey Brass Band were great too. Art could have just stayed there on stage between the two sets, but he went back for a breather and a change of clothes. There was a problem with Leo's guitar early on, so Art told a joke and said he messed it up. Something about a parrot. I only wish they had played longer, but the Bowl has got this stupid curfew.

: But anyways, as I'm walking out, I found myself outside the backstage area where they're loading equipment, and I turn a corner and there's Poppa Funk himself, Art Neville standing there with a couple of people. Now, if I had taken a second to breathe and think about what I would say when meeting one of my musical heroes, maybe it would have been less awkward, but I rushed right over and shook the man's hand and stammered out something like, "Art Neville. You are awesome. Duh, The Meters are fuckin' awesome." Then I told him I didn't even know about the show until the day before and that I was now so nervous I didn't know what else to say. He laughed and said thanks, man.

: So I walked away, running it over in my head, wondering if I should have gone back and asked him how he felt about the show, how surprised I was to hear It Ain't No Use, why Cyril didn't join them, how glad I was to see them back together, what WAS that parrot joke?

: But no. The moment had passed. But I still shook hands with Poppa Funk. And I saw the Meters, something that ever since I first heard them three years ago or so, I had been dreaming of doing.

: Fuckin' awesome, indeed.

I shook hands with Art as well.I said when you gonna kick us s Trick Bag?He said I'll give a trick bag at 12 O'clock at night.


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