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When the METERS officially annouced that they were re-uniting there was talk of a new album and a tour of Europe. It's been about a year since I have heard those rumors?? I was juts in London and noticed the meters albums everywhere. The british and Europe have always supported this band. You guys deserve to be funkified properly. These g uys were hitting on all cylindars when I saw that at jazz fest.


It's about time that we get a chance to see the guys live in europe.
: Don't you think. there's a huge crowd of meters fans at least in western europe.
: New orleans funk and soul compilation cd's are availible everywhere, and there are hundreds of bands playing soul and funk music in the new orleans tradition.
: Im a drummer, and speaking for myself... I would very much like to see and hear how it really should be done.

: thanks for the music, emanuel


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