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I was there. The show kicked the band was tight as hell.

WHAT REALLY rocked, was the METERS and THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. Flea commented on how honored they were to be playing the same festival with the METERS and how much they learned from them. Then they played there song about new orleans which mentions the METERS. Very funky... Then on there encore... Out comes George, Leo, Zig.. All jamming wiith the Peppers.. Zig was playing/Chad Smith was playing, Leo and Fruciante were amazing and FLEA AND GEORGE was out of sight... What a beautiful night back home in NOLA.

: listen to the stream on OZ last nite.... what a F*in show... Rocked out.. what i remember

: 1. pocky way
: 2. change reform
: 3. axe for you (off the hook)
: 4. cisy strutt
: 5. sophisticated cissy
: 6. fiyo on de bayou
: 7. he bite me
: 8. people say
: 9. ain't no use

: i mean this show really kicked it... thanks guys i hope the rest of your nite went well


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