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Voodoo Fest Performance.. Ill post what he writes of there jam session when it shows up!
What a night it was..

so we got into new orleans early in the morn and i was met by my
loved ones here and my was heart was lifted
it has been a great 24 hours

there are great things afoot in chili pepper land
tomorrow we play at the voodoo fest here and the meters are playing
as well
i love the meters so much
i have learned a lot from them
we are going to jam with them at the end of our set
that is very exciting to me
they are such innovative and important musicians who are one of the
main inventors of this music we call funk
the deepest kind of groove that could have only come from those guys
in this town
art neville! leo noscetelli! george porter!
ziggy modeliste!!!!
whooooooooo hooooooooo yeeeeeeeaaaaaahhh!!!!
so it is an honor to play with them


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