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Well said George! That's why I asked for them to not start RUMORS... Were still waiting for that NEW DISC... You guys were amazing at VOODOO FEST. Should The red Hot Chili peppers a thing about nawlins funk. Keep it going george.


: Please do not let this get out but when this band say it is over I will be the first to let you know it will be no RUMOR
: I will not play games with you.

: porter, jr.

: : After just seeing there set at VODOO FEST and there jam with the red hot chili peppers I DONT think this is the case. Rumors should not be posted here, the band seems to be getting along well, and Ive seen them 3 times in the last 5 months

: : : Hear a rumor the Fillmore would be the last shows of the original Meters!!! Any truth to this????


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