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The 1st tune was definately meterman. Art was having a blast, he mentioned how they love allen toussaint but that he didn't have shit to do with the meters and there music, then art said I take that back and was laughing histerically. Also on they all askd for you, zig was talking about how new orleans has the best food in the world and art made fun of georges weight showing that he's been eating it his whole life and gained all that extra weight. Really was funny. Looking forward to next sat night! 2 weekends of funk!

: A really sweet set yesterday. Kind of a late start, maybe ten minutes or so... Art joked about getting stuck in a port-o-let or something like that.

: Art had on a beautiful T-shirt with Jerry Garcia on it. A big ol' smiling Jerry. It made me smile too.

: Here's the set:

: Groovy Lady
: Just Kissed My Baby
: > George solo
: >Funkify Your Life
: >Love Slip Up on Ya
: Art intros "A big money maker for Marshall Seahorn & Allen Toussaint" :-)
: Cissy Strut
: >Saturday Night Fish Fry
: >Cissy Strut finish
: Chug A Lug
: They All Asked For You
: Fiyo On the Bayou
: >People Say
: Ain't No Use
: e: Hey Pocky Way*
: *w/ Troy Andrews on trumpet

: I may be wrong about the Groovy Lady - it could have been Here Comes the Meterman...

: The whole band was lively and looking good. A tighter set for sure than last year's. Funny, last year Quint intro'd the band. This year I guess he was over at the Springsteen stage. I'd swear this stage announcer couldn't remember Leo's name, and when the set ended he called Troy by his brother's name, James Andrews. George put him straight.

: I am so looking forward to catching them at the CAC. I really want a Meters show, where they can stretch out. Much love to all yall out there - all the Meters family.

: Peace.

: freebo


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