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Sorry My friends but the band did not let them record the show and it was a great show but it is in the wind and in the hearts of those who heard and saw it

porter, jr.

: There were signs on the stage that the show was being recorded and the mc who announced them said several times that the show would be available at the tent immediately after the show. I went over there and was informed that they did not record?? Not sure if that lady was correct the mc made it clear that the show was being recorded and that the meters may be signing copies of the show after. I guess just keep checking the jazz fest live page and she if she was wrong. I hope so it was an amazing set. I've seen several people on the nojazzfest website saying they felt as if there was tension between band members and I did not feel any of that, art was having a blast, and they all seemed to be really digging eacother. See you sat at cac .
: Josh

: : So I couldn't make it down from NYC for the weekend, and I keep checking the jazzfest site in the hopes that sunday's set will go on sale sometime. Anyone know if it's going to be avaible? Last year's was great, but i can only imagine of how a year of being (semi) back together has affected the sound.


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