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amazing night, seen lotsa lotsa lotsa meters/fm/og meters 2 shows and still can walk away from tonites gig saying that the original meters never cease to please surprise and amaze me with their music. still breathing still living and still the funkiest four mf'ng cats on the planet.

the meters had my old fat funky ass sweating and howling all nite.it was hot in the sorta ok sorta cookie cutter nokia theatre but not too bad hot,felt in temperature sorta like tips after it got airconditioning if you smoked enough ganj.no where near the ambiance though.and of course the body heat generated by a couple of thousand funkateers jumpin and funkin around will even make skinny girls spritz a bit.

poppa funk had alot of cool music to say on organ and electric piana ALL NITE,and PF even joined leo on musical jaunts out into space(like sun ra!)a couple times.RT has the force out in space and he never loses the groove.ever.art's heartbeat is the groove

leo is still one of the funkiest and most exciting rock n roll electric guitarists ever, even when he gets lost he eventually finda his way home and back into the groove and 90 percent of the time what hes playing is cool and interesting at least for my ears and feet, its like if you dont jump off the cliff you never fly, or go splat, either way u gotta jump and try something new,i think leos playing for leo and if he digs it we/you probably will too...

george Pjr is like the coolest background foundation cat ever, easy going but rocking and full of soul and most bass players just gawk at his shit.like george says, he aint copying anybodys playing, hes just doing HIS thing.singing great vocals either front or back, slinging the stank on bass, like the tee shirt says,george definately matters

zigaboo modeliste is the sound and offbeat beat of the new orleans streets,secondlines, and studios.
THE undisputed GUARDIAN of the groove.hell zig invented this groove/music, and alot of the music he didnt invent he learned as a kid at the footpedal of all of 'nawlins other legendary drummers.and it was hot in there so playing the hard rocking funk for 2hrs plus with little to no break is a physical test for anyone.at any age.

the meters may be older than ever, but tired cliches about wine aside,music is of the spirit, and even with the effects of time and age, the spirit always burns bright in special artists no matter how old their body.think of pops/louis, muddy wolf ray c fess or even lately gatemouth(rip) or so many many others especially in and of new orleans music.

i saw muddy waters in 1980 destroy eric clapton in new haven conn when muddy opened for eric there. i had never seen a blues master like muddy before, i was only 20 then and a prog and punl freek,,and The Mudd was just amazing.incendiary. blew my childish mind away and turned me onto the real blues power.the spirit of the blues right infront of me on stage.and muddy still played hot guitar even then, at that age.mannish boy all grown up.
hard.and rocking...even an old lion still has the heart of a lion.

tonight i saw art zig leo and GPjr burn down the nokia theatre,once again.it was amazing.and you shouldda been there.
they wont be playing forever though god bless them and us both if he or she granted that they would and could. see the original meters while you can, otherwise it really is your cultural loss.

took a while to really get smokin' tonite but once it did it was relentlessly funky.except for one brief interlude.highlights for me were soul island, doodle oop-fiyo, pockey way, aint no use and just kissed my baby.refunk,funkify,so many of the jams and improvs wre right on/spot on/fookin brillant tonite and thats what made it amazing for me.
to be a debbie downer i will say that even when my very own sweetlovin baby is dancing in my arms i will never dig be my lady too too much...i know every music set needs a bit of a ballad as a bit of a rest or chill, but the meters have written so many great songs, even ballads, that even with george's velvet vocals, maybe leo can give that one a rest.guess its a way for the men to serenade their respective ladies, how bout the look of love.vic fng damone and jerry vale wish they were EVER as funky or soulful as george.

think it was recently leos birthday or so i think i heard it said by art at the end of the encore. so happy birfday leo.
thanks for all the years of music and funk.peace.health long life.

allright im raving on starbucks vente mochchocolatte frappucino and the chalice, so ill make an attempt to save y'all and shut the f&*k up.
saw sleater kinneys farewell show last nite(wednesday)at webster hall.that too was musically amazing, ive seen them lots too-and very very sad that they are retiring sooo very young, think they are in their very early 30's-.wonder what those original rockin riot grrrrls will be like when they reform in 25 years.web hall was like tips without aircondition wednesday for sk set.and thats sorta like pogo stompin punk rock meets the who and led sepp on x music.my old fat funky ass is tired.very very tired.
peace y'all.chill out chill out chill out new york....btr/nyc


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