Posted by Georgie H on August 04, 2006 at 11:40:45

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Here here to the above review! Read it, and read it carefully, because it's the truth. This show was off-the-charts awesome!! Kudos to the sound guy because the mix at the Nokia was perfect. And thank God it was, because we were treated to some unbelievable playing. Awesome Fiyo, Pockey Way, It's No Use & Cissy to name a few. If you know these tunes from the studio recordings, or from some of the (regrettably) few live things out there, forget about it. These were the best versions I've heard. To me (possibly because of a great location and mix), it was light years ahead of Vegoose and the last Nokia show.

It's funny the guy above mentioned Muddy Waters in New Haven. I, too, saw Muddy at that time (but at Toad's Place)and was also 20 years old. He was ancient but could still play for sure. I was also a big Dead fan then, and rememeber someone saying that Leo was the "black Jerry." Well, even Jerry Garcia never played as many fast and clean notes as Leo last night. I don't think he missed any! All these new guys, Umphrey's, Trey, Herring - forget about it. Don't think I've ever heard anybody as good as last night. GPJR and Zig were the rocks and Poppa Funk is back and getting it done!!

I could go on but gotta go...just want to say, see these guys NOW. They're peakin'. Got to get me up to Newport and even perhaps Hollywood (will Art play w/both bands? He can do it. He's back.)


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