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I've been troubled by the all the negative stuff I've read about both the JazzFest show and the Nokia show. I went to both and loved them both. I don't care if the band was grumpy at Fest or not, they played a killer "People Say" and a "Hey Pockey Way" that featured a trumpet solo by Troy Andrews. At Nokia, they played a really varied setlist, including "Chicken Strut," "World is a Little Bit Under the Weather," "Be My Lady", "Soul Island" as well as the more standard tunes. The vocals were a little hard to pick up, but I was too close to the stage to get the full mix. The band sure seemed inspired to me. As for people complaining that "it's not 1976," why would you even go if that's not what you want to hear? No one pretends that this is a full working band, producing new material. Hell, Dylan does that, and he gets the same sort of grief for not doing the old songs the way he used to do them. George, don't worry about pleasing everyone. You can't do it. The show was fine.


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