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for what its worth and before anything gets outta hand like a bad game of internet "telephone", id like to say i think i was the ONLY person here that brought up jf06 being a shitty show and the boys/men/meters being "grumpy" onstage and not so hot musically-i was simply and only quoting my ONE friends "OPINION", which i do personally respect greatly, because he is a musician and artist, lives in new orleans,and has seen ALL meters incarnations more times than me.
he is also a curmudgeon and contrarian by nature.i wouldnt be surprised if he posted some of the negative stuff here sometimes just to get a rise out of the peeps.but he loves and respects the meters and their msuic and knows what he's talking about.unlike hum i never saw OG meters play.i started seein em in mid to late 80's and caught up with the leo art gpjr and russ meters which became funky when leo left and brian joined in.

i stated that i had not seen the meters jf 06 show myself thus it caused me to lower my expectations for nokia 06 set where i was pleased surprised amazed and overjoyed.
it was simply an argument,possibly a poor one now in retrospect, for a context for lowering the future expectations of my disappointed and disgruntled meters brother who had posted his observations of a crappy nokia 06 show, it was not intended in any way to be another "critical" shot at the meters who i love and respect.

i saw og meters/2 in jf 05 and at nokia 05 show.loved both.except for be my lady...both times i think.actually all 3 times counting thursday.
for all i know the jf 06 show was the BEST meters set ever.i wasnt there.my loss.thats why i go almost evrytime i can.that was the basis premise of my very first post.see every show now cause soon you cant go and its not wont go.
i think the nokia06 vibe at show on stage and off and here on line has been OVERWHELMINGLY positive give or take literally 3-4 posts.man that aint nuttin but cyber pissin and moanin by real life pissing and moaners.and every one really does have the RIGHT to their opinion.and you really cant please everybody everytime...

: I've been troubled by the all the negative stuff I've read about both the JazzFest show and the Nokia show. I went to both and loved them both. I don't care if the band was grumpy at Fest or not, they played a killer "People Say" and a "Hey Pockey Way" that featured a trumpet solo by Troy Andrews. At Nokia, they played a really varied setlist, including "Chicken Strut," "World is a Little Bit Under the Weather," "Be My Lady", "Soul Island" as well as the more standard tunes. The vocals were a little hard to pick up, but I was too close to the stage to get the full mix. The band sure seemed inspired to me. As for people complaining that "it's not 1976," why would you even go if that's not what you want to hear? No one pretends that this is a full working band, producing new material. Hell, Dylan does that, and he gets the same sort of grief for not doing the old songs the way he used to do them. George, don't worry about pleasing everyone. You can't do it. The show was fine.


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