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I just found this message space I new it was coming did not know it was here, nice.

I like to start by saying it was very nice to see most of the people that have been coming to see The Funky Meters play over the last ten + years and I was sorry to not see the rest.

I want to thank My friends Art, Zig & Leo for being who their are, and I love playing with them, Saturday I saw some things happen on stage that I have not with these players up to then, Zig going for it and signing of the top of his head, things he did so great when we were kids, I do hope he keep it coming that's the sh--.

For those Funky Meters fans that have stayed away, all I can say is, that I see my friends and play with them in PBS and they are doing very well.

will check in often
porter, jr.


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