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Hi George! I just wanted to let you know I was there and was digging it big time. I wasn't in my ususal spot in the front row because I was standing in the seet spot about 10' in front of the board. Last time the fUNKY Meters were at the Fillmore I was right in front and honestly it doesn't sound good right there. George, you really layed down some monster bass solos and the band was jamming a lot more than at the Fairgrounds at Fest last year. I was grinning the whole time getting my dance on.

As far as I know, taping was not allowed. I was informed of this ahead of time, so I didn't bring any gear. However, I'm sure someone stealthed the show. There are just too many hardcore tapers in Denver for that not to happen. I think I saw some hippy looking guy with some funny glasses on so I kept quiet around him. We'll just have to see what pops up.

Have fun at Fest for all those going (and you too George!). This will be the first time in 5 years that I have to miss it and I'm bummed about it. Keep it fUNKY!

Thanks to George, Art, Zig and Leo for bringing Jazz Fest to me here in Denver since I couldn't make it to NOLA this year. I really appreciate it!

: I just found this message space I new it was coming did not know it was here, nice.

: I like to start by saying it was very nice to see most of the people that have been coming to see The Funky Meters play over the last ten + years and I was sorry to not see the rest.

: I want to thank My friends Art, Zig & Leo for being who their are, and I love playing with them, Saturday I saw some things happen on stage that I have not with these players up to then, Zig going for it and signing of the top of his head, things he did so great when we were kids, I do hope he keep it coming that's the sh--.

: For those Funky Meters fans that have stayed away, all I can say is, that I see my friends and play with them in PBS and they are doing very well.

: will check in often
: porter, jr.


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